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100A Isolator Consumer Units

100A Isolator Consumer Units
Manufacturer: Chint

Quick and easy to install the unit comes complete with Mains switch,RCD & busbar allowing for any combination of split, up to the maximum capacity of the board. As a result of substantial market demand, Chint Europe (UK) have added the NX2 Split Load Consumer Units to its growing family of high quality products Contemporary in appearance with the rest of the Chint consumer unit range of products, the company has paid meticulous attention to the products installation features including generous cabling space.

Chint also offer an extended range of price competitive, miniature overload relays and head mounted auxiliary contact blocks. Quick and easy to install, the unit is supplied complete with a 100A DP isolator and 63A 2 pole 30mA RCD, it comes complete with a 10 way busbar allowing for any combination of split, up to the maximum capacity of the board. Conforming fully to IEC 60439-3 and totally RoHS compliant, these new competitively priced consumer units are manufactured from flame retardant, halogen free, impact resistant ABS. Secured by the popular 1/4 turn, quick release fasteners, the device also features a stylish, tinted, see through polycarbonate cover which drops down and retains in the fully open position. The see through cover is particularly useful when the device is mounted above head height allowing users to easily see whether the MCBs have tripped. The new NX2 Consumer Units is readily available from CLE for delivery throughout the UK.

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6 Module unit with 100A Isolator
8 Module unit with 100A Isolator
12 Module unit with 100A Isolator
16 Module unit with 100A Isolator