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D Curve 1 Pole Miniture Circuit Breakers (6Ka)

D Curve 1 Pole  Miniture Circuit Breakers (6Ka)
Manufacturer: Chint

Much higher short circuit breaking capacity. Dual-connection convenient for both standard busbar and conductor connection. Improved safety of operators offered by special design of terminals. Much longer service life thanks to energy-storage operating mechanism. A variety of modular auxiliaries allows for easy and quick installation. Enclosure and functional parts made of advanced plastics with flame-retardant, heat-resistant.and impulse-proof properties. Higher current-limiting capacity ensuring a cost-effective range of products.

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Price (exc. VAT)
NB1- 63D1P01
1 Amp
NB1- 63D1P02
2 Amp
NB1- 63D1P03
3 Amp
NB1- 63D1P04
4 Amp
NB1- 63D1P06
6 Amp
NB1- 63D1P10
10 Amp
NB1- 63D1P16
16 Amp
NB1- 63D1P20
20 Amp
NB1- 63D1P25
25 Amp
NB1- 63D1P32
32 Amp
NB1- 63D1P40
40 Amp
NB1- 63D1P50
50 Amp
NB1- 63D1P63
63 Amp